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Here is a teaser for my next expedition due to commence in ... okay so there is a slight delay as my mother has just accidentally chopped her fingers off with a log splitter!!

Marathon Des Sables


My life of adventure began by running six marathons across the Sahara Desert in 48 degrees Celsius!

Expedition Adventure Racing


Becoming addicted very quickly to extreme challenges, I began racing around the globe on the World Series Adventure Racing Circuit. In each race I have run, biked and kayaked non-stop up to 900km up to six days with little sleep.

Every year I have set myself adventure goals, so here is a little taster of some of my past adventures.....

Summit of Mt Blanc


Even at 4408m I suffered from altitude sickness but had a blast standing on the top of the highest mountain in Europe.

Cycle the length of New Zealand


From Cape Reigna in the North to Bluff in the South covering 2400km. I also completed the Speight Coast to Coast Adventure Race and came 5th in the Karopoti National Mountain Biking championships.

Siberian Black Ice Race


To test whether I could look after myself in extreme conditions, I raced 600km solo across Lake Baikal on the Central Siberian Plateau. I crossed the line as1st woman and 2nd overall.

World First Cycle to the South Pole


Beating strong competition from around the world, I arrived at the South Pole on December 17 as the First Person in the world to have cycled there. I also achieved the record for the fastest human powered traverse from coast to pole.

Devises to Westminster Canoe Race


Defying all recommendations,  my Adventure Racing buddy and I decided we'd attempt the notoriously challenging 125 mile non-stop Canoe Race on only 2.5 hours of training....We came 3rd in our category!

Nordic Islands Adventure Race


From the mountains of Sweden to the Fjords of Norway I raced with my team for six days on nine hours of sleep covering over 700km by foot, bike and kayak. We came 4th.


The Welsh Top 10, 2020

A non-stop North to South journey of Wales by foot, bike & kayak via the 10 highest mountains en route

My journey began in Conwy at 04:00 on Friday, September 18 and I arrived in Cardiff Bay at 17:00 on Sunday 20.

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